2005-06 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Module

Core Deposit: $100.00

2005-06 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Module

Re-manufactured Fuse Box Relay Power Distribution

Factory Tested. Guaranteed to Work.


Interchangeable Ford Part Numbers for this Application:

2L1T-14A067-AP 5L1T-14A067-AA 6L1T-14A067-BC
2L1T-14A067-AN 5L1T-14A067-AC 3L7T-14A067-AA
3L1T-14A067-AA 5L1T-14A067-AE 3L7T-14A067-AB
3L1T-14A067-AE 5L1T-14A067-BC 3L7T-14A067-AC
3L1T-14A067-AH 6L1T-14A067-AA 4L7T-14A067-AA
4L1T-14A067-AB 6L1T-14A067-AB 4L7T-14A067-AB
4L1T-14A067-AC 6L1T-14A067-AC 4L7T-14A067-AD
4L1T-14A067-AD 6L1T-14A067-BA 4L7T-14A067-AE

Send in your fuse box for repair - $245

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