Cummins ECM | Why Do They Fail?

Cummins ECM | Why Do They Fail?

To know why your Cummins ECM has failed, it’s important to understand exactly how your ECM operates. Read along as we discuss the main functions of your Cummins ECM and some reasons for failure.

What is a Cummins ECM?

 A Cummins ECM, or engine control module, is a small control module responsible for hundreds of operations including your fuel delivery, charging system, cooling system, and engine timing. Another main function of your Cummins ECM is providing split-second monitoring and data activity for vehicle safety and functionality. It is commonly referred to as the “brain”. Without this particular component, your engine will not operate. Your Cummins ECM is arguably the most critical component of your engine. It operates in a very complex system in extreme conditions where a lot can go wrong.

Cummins ECM Failure

There are several factors to consider when discussing module failure. The most common reason for Cummins ECM failure is component failure. Like the saying goes, not all things were meant to last forever. Components found in your Cummins ECM are the same components found in your phone, laptop and tablet. These semi-conductors have a life expectancy. Did you know that components are assessed for long-term performance using hourly testing? Electronic components were designed and manufactured knowing the wear-out reliability would fail at certain hourly rates. What this means is that components found in your cell phone, TV, and Cummins ECM were made to fail over time. There are several variables involved that can expedite the failure rate like voltage loads and environmental conditions.

Electronic components are extremely susceptible to environmental factors. Several environmental factors include temperature, vibration, and moisture or water damage. I’m sure you or someone you know has mentioned that their cell phone suddenly stopped working when it got “too hot”.  Electronic components have operating temperatures. It typically ranges from a minimum operating temperature to a maximum operating temperature. Imagine, if your cell phone can feel too hot to the touch and malfunction, what about under the hood of your semi? For instance, a Cummins ISX ECM is reaching operating temperatures of over 220 degrees Fahrenheit and it constantly fluctuates. These types of conditions are detrimental to the proper functionality of your electronic components. They can expedite the rate of failure in terms of life expectancy and fatigue the component, not allowing the vehicle to reach maximum performance and reliability.

Cummins ECM modules are typically mounted directly to the side of the motor. The mechanical vibration caused from the engine will fatigue any electronic components mounted near the source. The vibrations will expedite the failure rate and weaken any contact points. This is also how voltage spikes can occur and damage internal circuits within your Cummins ECM.

Moisture or water damage is another common factor of failure in Cummins ECM modules. Over time, the water or moisture, in combination with oxygen, will deteriorate and corrode the circuit board and metal components in your Cummins ECM. GoECM uses a special sealant that has proven to reduce the likelihood of water or moisture contamination within your Cummins ECM.

Cummins ECM Services at GoECM

GoECM has studied common failures and developed several ways to reduce common failures. With years of trials and testing, we have incorporated specific design improvements to reduce common failures. We have successfully reduced the rate of water, moisture and other elemental contaminations. GoECM has improved circuit design to reduce the rate of vibrations electronic components are exposed to. Lastly, we use the highest quality grade components that the industry provides to ensure component failure due to life expectancy is not experienced with our customers. We believe that GoECM is evolving the industry with our designs and improvements. What the best way to prove it? Put a lifetime warranty on our all exchange control modules. Any Cummins ECM you buy from GoECM will have an unbeatable lifetime guarantee.

GoECM engineers and technicians are skilled and trained to solve the failures of electronic components with Cummins ECM modules. You can utilize our expertise by sending your Cummins ECM to GoECM for our ECM repair service. We have a 1-2 day turnaround to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. We also carry hundreds of remanufactured Cummins ECM modules in stock, ready to ship. Either way, our team is standing by to assist with any questions. We look forward to assisting you. Contact us now!