What is a TIPM?

What is a TIPM?

What is a TIPM?

The TIPM, or totally integrated power module, serves as the electronic distribution system in specific Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge applications. The main purpose of the TIPM is to take commands from other modules and engine components and send them in the form of voltage signals and ground signals. The TIPM consists of a circuit board containing relays and fuses. TIPMs were designed to eliminate an excess number of engine components and wiring through firewalls and other areas under the hood. Instead, we have one gateway module sending voltages and data signals to several major components.

Common TIPM Failure

Totally integrated power modules were created to simplify the vehicle’s electrical system. Unfortunately, due to a sophisticated merge of electronically controlled components, a risk of failure is inevitable. There is a series of common failures and complaints due to a defective TIPM, including:

  • No fuel pump signal
  • Headlights not functioning
  • Taillights not functioning
  • Inoperative fans
  • Wipers not working
  • Power windows not working

There are several other issues that can be caused by a defective or failing TIPM including hard start issues and loss of communication. There are several different ways a TIPM can fail. The most common failure occurs in the electronic module. The control module has mechanical relays soldered onto the board that fail over time and sends power to the control side of the relay. When this happens, the relays must be replaced. In some cases, the issue can cause other problems including internal board damage and IC failure.

Another common issue is water or moisture damage. TIPM modules are typically enclosed in plastic housings that are not sealed particularly well. The modules are also mounted in a poor environment where they are subject to harsh conditions. With that said, it is easy for moisture to develop and sit in certain areas of a circuit board and can cause issues over time. Sometimes, water and moisture can develop around the connectors and fuses and can be spotted when carefully examining the module.

What to Do with a Bad TIPM

Symptoms related to bad TIPMs can sometimes be tough to diagnose. Troubleshooting electrical problems in general can be draining and very costly. You have a few options if you are suspect of having a defective TIPM. You can purchase a replacement from a parts provider or have your TIPM repaired. Purchasing brand new can cost thousands for parts and labor. We recommend purchasing a remanufactured TIPM or having your TIPM repaired of defects.

GoECM Remanufactured TIPM and TIPM Repair Services

GoECM specializes in the repair and remanufacturing of totally integrated power modules for Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge applications. All of our remanufactured TIPM modules are backed by a lifetime warranty. Each module is meticulously examined, and components are replaced to exceed OEM specifications. There is no programming required but in some cases a vehicle configuration reset is required, in which GoECM will provide all instructions to perform this procedure. If you are uncertain you have a bad TIPM, GoECM has a service available in which you can send your module to our facility for testing and diagnostics. We will determine if your module is defective and repair as necessary as an economical alternative. If you’re not sure which route to go, give our office a call and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be more than happy to assist.