The Technology of a Cummins Celect ECM

The Technology of a Cummins Celect ECM

What is a Celect ECM?

The engine control module or electronic control module (ECM) is also referred to as the engine control unit (ECU). It’s often referred to as the brain of your vehicle. These modules, specifically a Cummins Celect ECM or Celect Plus ECM, control most major functions of your truck’s engine. The ECM provides split-second monitoring and data outputs for functionality as well as vehicle safety. It also controls the major functions associated with sensors, actuators, fuel pressure, and fuel delivery.

The Celect ECM

Arguably one of the greatest diesel engines created was the Celect engine. During the rise of electronic systems in the late 80’s, Cummins created their version of an electronically controlled system and named it the CELECT, or the "Cummins Electronic Engine Control". Introduced in the early 90’s, the Cummins Celect, specifically the N14 Celect, was designed to follow the first EPA regulations and to have electronic diagnostic capabilities. The Celect ECM was also the first Cummins engine to feature an electronic injection system. This system electronically controlled the fuel delivery, fuel pressure, and fuel timing.

The Celect Plus ECM

In 1997, Cummins introduced the Celect Plus. The Celect Plus ECM provided an advanced electronic system with improved engine controls and customer features. The new and improved system promised higher fuel efficiency with better fuel economy, high-speed performance, and better reliability. The Celect Plus ECM also included advanced technological hardware and design improvements.

Celect ECM Common Failure

Now that Cummins has moved from the mechanically controlled system, the Celect brings new technology but at a cost of more possible failures. The main problems revolves around the fuel system. The fuel injectors are driven by internal transistor drivers in the Celect ECM. When an injector fails, it can cause a short and immediately damage the drivers in the ECM. If found early enough, the faulty injector can be replaced, and the ECM can avoid any damage. The longer a faulty injector is in the system, it can not only damage the ECM, but also the wiring harness and other injectors as well. Another common occurrence will happen when there is a faulty wiring issue. For example, when injectors are not properly grounded or there is a harness issue, the Celect ECM will trigger a code 111 or code 343. The description of the fault code is a micro-controller error within the ECM. The unit will need to be replaced or repaired; however, the initial culprit is typically stemmed from the vehicle harness. Code 434 is also a common reason behind errors in the ECM. Typically, this issue is due to a defective cable from the starter to the battery. When this cable is defective, it causes erroneous signals in the ECM and can damage the micro-controllers. Lastly, one of the common issues with Celect ECMs is component failure. Over time, components endure wear and fail. Several variables are involved that can expedite the failure process such as, temperature, vibration, and environmental conditions. There is not much that can be done to avoid these issues but GoECM has found a few ways to help increase the reliability and durability of these modules.

Celect ECM Services at GoECM

GoECM has studied the common failures discussed and developed several ways to reduce these issues. We have developed design improvements and incorporated new and improved components to help reduce common failure and successfully increase reliability and durability. By using the highest-grade components available, we can safely guarantee our control modules for life. All Cummins Celect ECMs and Celect Plus ECMs are backed by a lifetime guarantee. You can utilize our expertise by sending your Celect ECM to GoECM for our “Module Repair Service”. We have a 1-2-day turnaround to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. GoECM also carries hundreds of remanufactured Celect ECM and Celect Plus ECMs in stock, ready to ship! Our team is standing by to assist you. Call now!